Alexis Molina

Buchi fil’s revival

My work invites you to explore the hot topics of social change with me; in particular, racism and discrimination of minorities. Things I - as a BIPOC - have been confronted and continue to be confronted with in unfortunate experiences. Guided by my lens, I like to explore what the world has to offer, and analyse my own feelings and experiences in relation to it.

My project centers the retelling of an old cultural tale on the life of Buchi Fil, a strong enslaved man. Throughout his life, Buchi Fil was challenged by his slave-masters as they persistently attempted to break him down. His story is renowned on Curaçao, where the consequences of slavery and segregation are still visible and palpable. Unfortunately, both local youth, and the Dutch population, are unaware of the details of this past. By retelling the story, this project visualises Buchi Fil’s battle, and re-anchors it in history, as well as in a modern-day context where racism is still omnipresent. 

Human body, Leg

What challenges did you face in the process of making this work?

It was difficult to get to know the ways in which the photography world works, and what the processes in this world are like. 

How are you going to develop this project further?

I will work further on the presentation of my work.

I am moved to create something that catches the eye, intrigues the mind, and engages your attention. I want to show you these details you don’t see, that help make the bigger picture. I like to be realistic, no matter how dark reality can be. I like to show the faces of the battles we see, not just the battle itself. It’s important to give everyone their rightful voice and I use my lens as a way to provide that.

What has the Lighthouse program done for you as a maker?

It was helpful to learn how to make a budget plan and project proposal. 

During this episode Alexis Molina speaks to artist Ahmad Fattouh (Fro) in a conversation moderated by Jennifer Muntslag. They will be speaking about the moral and social responsibilities of an artist.

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